Climate Change and Food Security

In our last class, Brett Rierson called the poor who have been affected by the food crisis the face of climate change in that they are the most affected by global warming. For the casual observer, the nexus between climate change and food security remains difficult to grasp. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) recently published a report on this topic. Excerpts:

“Low-income and other vulnerable populations will feel the effects of climate change and increases in the incidence of natural disasters most strongly,” the authors write. “For instance, climate change is likely to increase the vulnerability of poor farmers who already struggle with land degradation in Asia and the Pacific. In areas highly dependent on livestock production, such as Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and the PRC, overgrazing increases vulnerability to climate change.

Rural women from developing countries will be among the most affected groups in the world given their dependence on subsistence crops, their limited access to resources, and their lack of decision- making power. Adaptation strategies should acknowledge the greater vulnerability of women to climate change.

Health impacts in developing countries are expected to be mostly negative. The ultimate impacts of climate change will be highly dependent on the capacity of countries to limit disease transmission and treat infections. Climate change might increase the global burden of disease as more frequent and severe floods and droughts, as well as changes in mean temperatures and rainfall are likely to increase the number of people at risk.”

You can download the full report here.


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